Catholic Church Takes On Naughty Go-Go's

Proving yet again that leaders in the Catholic church must not have their hands too full feeding the homeless, helping the poor, and generally, saving people from eternal damnation, they took precious time to speak out against 80's pop stars, the Go-Go's, specifically, the cover of their new album God Bless the Go-Go's. The church is upset because members Kathy Valentine, Belinda Carlisle, Charlotte Caffey, Gina Schock and Jane Wiedlin are dressed to resemble the Virgin MaryÖwhich, as you can see, means they're wearing a helluva lot more clothing than they usualy do (and that's upsetting?!?).

In addition, the group reworked the "Hail Mary" to read: "Hail Go-Go's, full of beat. The rock is with thee... Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thine talent, music....Holy Go-Go's, mother of chick rock, pray for us sinners -- Now, and at the hour of thy concerts. Amen." Now, besides just being really crappy lyrics, apparently, it's also sacrilege.
President for the Catholic League William Donohue blasted the band for ripping off Catholic imagery and resorting to "cheap ploys" to lure a new audience (you know, the huge niche market that can't get enough of spoofing Catholic rituals) to the band. A spokesperson for the group expressed no ill will towards the Catholic religion. "These are all religious girls. They believe that God is giving them a second chance. They feel that they've been blessed."


Catholic Church Takes On Naughty Go-Go's