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Shaun Ryder Prepares Solo Record

Shaun Ryder, formerly of Happy Mondays, Black Grape, and extremely heavy drinking fame, has recorded a solo album described as a "mixture of breakbeat and stories put to music" in the deep dark depths of Perth Australia. Ryder, who has a column in the Daily Sport newspaper says "I've been in Australia since January, firstly touring and then recording new material...It will be released under the name of Shaun Ryder and Off World Sounds. I've done the album with Shane Norton from Kuling Bros. and Sound Lab, a top outfit from Oz."

"We've tried to make the album and the music a bit different. We've remixed some of my favorite songs and replaced the vocals with some of my stories - all true of course!" Ryder wants heads to know that the recorded music is "ready to go", and will be "totally different" than his previous work with Black Grape and the Happy Mondays.

Source: NME

Shaun Ryder Prepares Solo Record