Peter Buck Gets Nutty On London Flight

There's lots to be angry about when you're filthy rich and world famous and, God bless him, R.E.M.'s Peter Buck has been able to keep his cool all these years until, finally, losing it in an alleged air rage attack Saturday on a flight from Seattle to London. He was arrested upon arrival in London and yesterday was granted extended bail, which means that Buck will have to reappear in court
on 18 June to answer charges which include one public disorder offense,
one drunk and disorderly charge and two charges of common assault.

Buck was accused of throwing yogurt over one attendant and assaulting
another. Cabin staff claim the star had been drinking heavily during the
flight. The bail sentence means that Buck will be able to join the other
members of REM for the South Africa Freedom Day concert in London's
Trafalgar Square on Sunday. His lawyer
read a prepared statement in which Buck said "I'm very sorry for the
incident and I'm very grateful to the judge for delaying the hearing so the
band can continue with their commitments."


Peter Buck Gets Nutty On London Flight