Burn Baby Burn

Northern Irish punk-pop playthings Ash are in the house of pop music, wrecking shit
with their dual guitar attack again. Only this time, it's much better than anything off of 1998's
Nu-Clear Sounds. For this go-round Ash have rediscovered the melodies they
once possessed circa 1996 and have polished them up and made them new and shiny again.
Not to mention the fact that the guitars are turned up to 11. "Burn Baby Burn" is Ash of old
meets Weezer on speed. Plus, the video with American style high school basketball
with the requisite cheerleaders is pretty cool, too. Will we have to listen to this song only as an
import or will the turn around from import release to US release be more timely with this
album? We can always hope, right?


Burn Baby Burn