Lonely In Paris

Gloss aren't the kind of band that are gonna blow up on US radio, but if that's all you
listened to, you wouldn't be here, would you? Recent singings to Nude Records in the UK
(home of Suede and New Acoustic Movement darlings Lowgold),
Gloss have a multi-national lineup and sound French, although they're not.
Frontwoman Heidrun-Anna hails from Bjorkland (that's Iceland to you and
me), and there are English and Norwegian members in this United Nations outfit as well, but
they end up sounding like Cerys Matthews (Welsh) of Catatonia fronting a mix
of Ivy (French/American) and The Cardigans (Swedish). Confused by all the
crazy geography? Don't be. Just know this: "Lonely In Paris" is a stylish pop record and one
you should listen to sooner rather than later.


Lonely In Paris