Tuesday Express - New STP on the way; Metallica Trio In Studio

Schizophrenic rock act Stone Temple Pilots (have they broken up? have they gotten
back together? is Scott Weiland in the band? is he out of the band?) have announced
the release plans of their 5th album. The record, due out June 26 is entitled
Shangri-La-Deeda, a name derived from the house in which the band recorded the album,
located in Malibu. Among the tracks to be included are "Hollywood Bitch," "Days of the
Week," "Bipolar Bear" and "About a Fool," the latter two featuring a "bossa nova influence"
according to a spokesperson at STP's management company. The band filmed much of
the recording process and will release a documentary later in the year. Now won't THAT be

Kings of all things metal Metallica have decided to enter the studio as a trio for the time
being. The band is to start work on their 8th album without a bass player, as they have not as of
yet replaced the recently departed Jason Newsted. Lead singer James Hetfield
had stated earlier in the month that they were just "starting to entertain the idea" of finding a new
bassist, but that the remaining band members were enjoying the freedom that not being tied
down to any one path was allowing them. Bob Rock, veteran band producer, will handle
the knob twiddling on this newest effort as well, expected out in late fall of this year or early
winter 2002.

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Tuesday Express - New STP on the way; Metallica Trio In Studio