Blink-182, RATM Cited As "Too Explicit" For Teens

Several musical acts, including Blink-182, Crazy Town, and Rage Against the Machine, have been cited in a government report that accuses the record industry of ignoring its promise not to market bad stuff to kids. In the report, a follow-up to a September 2000 report profiling these practices, the Federal Trade Commission found that labels continue to advertise "explicit music content" on TV and magazine ads directed towards the under-17 market. The report also accuses labels of failing to put parental advisory warnings in print and retail advertising
(which, let's be honest, only makes kids want the naughty CDs more).

While agreeing that the music industry needs to "do a
better job of following our own guidelines," Recording
Industry Association of America president Hilary Rosen
defended the parental advisory sticker program and said
it has strengthened those guidelines. The RIAA
implemented policies late last year to include the
advisory label in print advertisements and urged online
retailers to display the label prominently.

"Unfortunately, the FTC report followed too quickly on the
heels of our implementation of these new efforts," Rosen
said in a statement Tuesday.


Blink-182, RATM Cited As "Too Explicit" For Teens