Radiohead Invades Your Buddy List

Sure, instant messaging is beloved by many for the real time communication, but coming soon, we will all love it for more than just the fact that we can chat with our pals while at work (um, hypothetically). A new promotion between Capitol Records and Active Buddy Inc. will make all the new info about Radiohead's upcoming record, Amnesiac(out 6/5), available to the band's rabid fans directly online. The instant messaging "agent," entered in the
user's buddy list, will be able to respond to questions and
about the band, tour dates, biographies,
Web site links, and "Amnesiac"-related queries.

According to Capitol, "the Radiohead agent will be the most thorough
and comprehensive source online and offline for accessing exclusive
information and services related to the band and to the album." Stay tuned to Capitol's web site for more detailed info,

Source: Billboard online

Radiohead Invades Your Buddy List