U2 Pooh Poohs UK Foot-And-Mouth Scare

International rock stars U2 are not only able to make consistently amazing musicÖapparently, they can also banish terrible diseases by simply speaking. On the band's website, www.u2.com, they have released a statement to reassure American tourists that Ireland is safe despite the widespread panic created by foot-and-mouth disease, at the behest of the Irish government. Bono relates, "We are a little surprised that the government has asked us to get involved, but we're happy to dispel any rumors that foot-and-mouth disease has made Ireland unsafe for tourists."

In fact, many Americans misunderstand that foot-and-mouth, which is not harmful to humans, is not the same as mad cow disease (we're just stupid, we can't help it). "This is a ridiculous misunderstanding," Bono said. "We
would like to tell everyone that Ireland is a perfectly safe
place for a vacation. All of us in the band live and work
there. It's a great place for a vacation and we hope
everyone will continue to visit." There, done.

U2 are currently touring the US with PJ Harvey on their Elevation Tour.

Source: Sonicnet.com

U2 Pooh Poohs UK Foot-And-Mouth Scare