Wednesday Express - Coldplay's New Material; DanceStar Award Nominees

Heartfelt songsters Coldplay opened up their UK tour last night, although lead singer
Chris Martin is still feeling the effects of the throat problem that canceled dates on their
European tour and threatened to squash the upcoming US jaunt. Martin has been told
by his doctor that he can only sing, not talk, so the rest of the band had to handle the in-between
song banter that Martin excels at. There was another good news/bad news situation at
the show. The band debuted three new songs, which will be included on their next album;
however, the band told fans that they wouldn't even go into the studio to record until September,
which means the album wouldn't arrive until summer 2002. At least we have the new
Travis and Radiohead to keep us happy until then.

The nominees for the second annual DanceStar 2001 Tiscali World Dance Music Awards have
been announced and it seems that one Fatboy Slim is sucking up all the nominations!
Well, a good portion at least. Norman Cook, as his mother knows him, received
nominations in the categories of DanceStar of the Year, Best Club DJ, Best Album of the Year
(for Halfway Between The Gutter and the Stars), Best Video (for "Demons" with
Macy Gray [and if he doesn't win next year's video award for "Weapon of Choice"
something is seriously wrong]) and Best Breakbeat/Eclectic Act for "Sunset (Bird of Prey)."
Among the other nominees for DanceStar of the year are trancemeister Timo Mass,
worldwide #1 hit maker Spiller and two UK soul dance superstars, Craig David
and Sonique. The award ceremony will be held June 6th at The Alexandra Palace in

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Wednesday Express - Coldplay's New Material; DanceStar Award Nominees