Thursday Express - Madonna Adds Rhythmes; Oasis Break Out Old Tunes

When the world's biggest popstar Madonna hits the road this summer, she's gonna have
a new guest member of her backing band. Maddie is bringing along Jacques Lu Cont, the
brains behind '80s influenced dance act Les Rhythmes Digitales. Lu Cont, who
has started a recent side project that is always compared to Hall and Oates (and this is a
GOOD thing?) entitled Zoot Woman, will play keyboards and bass on the pending
Madonna world tour. To get himself up to speed, he's been involved in 13 hour
rehearsals. The world tour kicks off in Germany on June 5 and continues on to the American
leg, starting in Philadelphia on July 21.

Oasis is hitting the road shortly as well, in the widely publicized Brotherly Love Tour,
with other sibling heavy acts Black Crowes and Spacehog. What's not
widely known, however, is that they won't be debuting any new tracks on this tour. Although
they plan to go in this fall to record their 5th studio album, they don't want to play any of the
tracks before they are completed and have the press slamming them before the record is even
done. To remedy this situation and make the tour different than the last tour, they are
resurrecting some long lost favorites. Songs that will be played on this tour include their cover
of "I Am The Walrus," "Slide Away," "Morning Glory," "Headshrinker," and "Fade Away."
Sounds like a tour not to miss...

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Thursday Express - Madonna Adds Rhythmes; Oasis Break Out Old Tunes