Mogwai Slag Off Damon Albarn, Again

Scottish rockers Mogwai have this funny tendency to say what's really on their minds (?!), and true to form, they're taking potshots at UK Britpop star Damon Albarn yet again. A couple of years ago, the band printed up a bunch of now-legendary t-shirts that read "Blur: Are Shite." And apparently, they aren't any more impressed with lead singer Albarn's new beat happy side-project, Gorillaz, which is gaining some serious buzz throughout the music industry. Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite recently commented to NME that "in the scheme of things, [Gorillaz] is totally
irrelevant," and that he didn't believe that they were even good enough to be deserving of a derogatory shirt of their own.

He added (and we just can't leave this part out) that "if Paul
McCartney and Damon did a record, it would implode with pure evil." even went so far as to design an anti-Gorillaz Mogwai shirt for the boys, but they wouldn't take the precious effort to endorse it. In other band
news, Mogwai's third release, Rock Action hit stores Tuesday, and the boys just announced a North American tour with
Matador pals Bardo Pond, which also just released a new album, Dilate. The tour kicks off May 24 in
Philadelphia, and continues on until June 24 in New York City.


Mogwai Slag Off Damon Albarn, Again