Dave Navarro Pens Memoir

Dave Navarro (the coffin-inhabiting guitarist for Jane's Addiction) is baring his soul in a new book detailing a year in the life of "a drug addict who has negative beliefs about life and buys a photobooth to prove and document those beliefs. But in the process he comes to learn that many of his beliefs are inaccurate and gets sober." Oh shitóa self-help book? Well, not reallyÖentitled Don't Try This At Home, and written with help from famed author/rock critic Neil Strauss, the book revolves around an old-timey photobooth in Navarro's plush home that he has all his fancy schmancy famous guests take their pictures in.

What guests you may ask? Everyday people such as Rose McGowan, Billy Zane, Billy Corgan, Flea,Leonardo
DiCaprio, Natalie Imbruglia, Marilyn Manson, Leif Garret (um, ok), and Kurt Loder, among others. The publisher of the book is promising photos with sex, nudity, lewd behavior, nakedness, inebriation, and all the other things rock stars do best. Accompanying
the photos will be Navarro's commentary, thoughts, stories, and more. The book will hit stores July 2 via Harper Collins Publishers. In actual music news, Navarro's first-ever solo album, .Trust No One, is due out on Capitol Records on June 19.

Source: Spin.com

Dave Navarro Pens Memoir