Tuesday Express - Bush Atlantic Bound; Slipknot Vacillate Wildly

Today's math lesson is as follows. UK version fake Nirvana + pretty boy lead
singer = Bush. Bush - Trauma Records = Atlantic Records. Now please
pass your homework forward. After deciding to leave Trauma after the debacle
surrounding their 1999 album The Science Of Things, the hit-making guitar act
was subject to a label feeding frenzy, but has finally found a new home on Atlantic. The
band has also announced plans to release their fourth, currently nameless album in
September. No word as to whether Gwen Stefani will be featured...

Those silly boilersuit metallers Slipknot sure like to be crazy and change
everything around to keep us on our toes! First, the band has canceled a planned 5-date
mini tour that was to kick off in Cedar Rapids, IA, on May 4 and hasn't announced why
or if the dates will be rescheduled. Wacky! Next, the band will film their parts for the
upcoming remake of the "Rollerball" film in Minneapolis, not Los Angeles, as was
originally thought. Zany! And to top it all off, the band's new album, which was initially
due for release on July 24 has been pushed up to July 17. Somebody call Susan
Powter; we've got to STOP THE INSANITY!

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Tuesday Express - Bush Atlantic Bound; Slipknot Vacillate Wildly