Weezer Song Causes Controversy At MTV

The messed-up logic at MTV goes a little something like thisóthey have no problem showing 10 year old girls with fake boobs in skimpy Catholic school uniforms prancing around to the delight of all the nation's pedophiles, or showing 500 ladies with nothing on but a thong (thong thong thong thong) shakin' their asses for the cameraÖbut they really have to draw the ole taste line when it comes to the word "hash"(?!?). Unbelievably, this is MTV's big concern with Weezer's new rad single, "Hash Pipe." "MTV has a problem with it, because of the title," lead singer Rivers Cuomo says. "It's funny, because it's such a vulgar channel. They play some of the grossest stuff on there, but they're not going to be able to play our
song unedited, even though I'm hardly saying anything bad."

He continues, "Actually, I don't even know what I'm singing about. It's just a bunch of
gibberish, but I guess it offends them." Obviously, the title "hash pipe" has marijuana connotations, and guitarist Brain Bell adds, "You got to be careful I guess, influencing young people. We're definitely not saying to smoke hash or anything, or not. We're not saying it's bad either." For chrissakes, without sounding too Woody Harrelson, how the hell is that worse than most everything else that gets airtime on MTV?! The music channel is going to play "Hash Pipe," but will edit out the "offensive" words.

In other Weezer news, their third studio release, The Green Album, is due May 15th.

Source: Launch.com

Weezer Song Causes Controversy At MTV