Live - No Motiv @ Warfield Theater, SF

It is a pretty rough gig to open up a Blink 182 show. Going on two hours before
the headliners, to a more sparse crowd and having your sound obviously limited, in the off
chance you might upstage the main act. Given those set of circumstances, Southern
California emo boys No Motiv came through with flying colors. Hitting the
stage at 8 PM to a 2/3 full Warfield Theater in San Francisco, they ripped through tracks
from their brand new album, out that day, diagram for healing, and sprinkled in
with nearly equal measure songs from 1999's excellent ...and the sadness prevails.

To their credit, the band thanked Blink and other support act and label mates
Alkaline Trio for allowing them to be on the tour and they also kept a brave face
and bantered to the crowd, all the while the sound quality vaguely resembling an AM
radio being played over a megaphone. The sound got slightly better during their set, and
even the poor quality wasn't enough to upstage tracks like "The Waiting Hurt" and "Stay"
from sadness and "Celebrate" and "Give Me Strength" from their new album.
This band has hooks aplenty and big, punchy guitars, and luckily, they're touring again in
a few months on a Vagrant label package tour. Then they won't have sound problems and
the full glory of No Motiv will shine through.

Live - No Motiv @ Warfield Theater, SF