Chemical Brothers Test Out New Music

There are many club-hopping guinea pigs out there who don't even realize itÖthe whole plan is just crazy enough to work! Actually, it's not so much devious as just plain coolñthe Chemical Brothers (Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons) have given a few potential tracks for their new disc to random DJs who are testing them out on club kids. "It's looser ó rather than making everything a big deal, you do a piece of music and you get people to play it and you see if it grows or evolves naturally. And then we can take time to see if we like it." Rowlands said shortly before the duo's set at the Coachella Festival on Saturday.

"DJing for us is like how rock bands play acoustic ó back to basics," Rowlands said.
"One of the ways we look at it is it's a way to test out our music. You can hear
something in the studio and say, 'Yeah, that's wicked.' Then you come out and
play it and actually see what it means in real life."

The Chemical Brothers have spent the last several months in their London
studio working on their fourth full-length album, the follow-up to 1999's
Surrender. The as-yet-untitled album will feature guest vocalists, but Simons and Rowlands
declined to divulge any names.


Chemical Brothers Test Out New Music