Corey Parks Playing Bass For Bastard?

Bastard could be a very cool rock band, if the line up ever comes to fruition. Courtney Love, who is currently in Vancouver filming 24 Hours with Charlize Theron and Kevin Bacon, is trying to solidify her all girl dream band by snagging ex Nashville Pussy bassist/goddess Corey Parks. Parks has been in talks with Love for some time about the project, but has yet to rock out with the gals to see if they can all "gel". Parks left Nashville Pussy earlier in the year to pursue her new project The Lizzies, and it was rumored that she would be collaborating with Lemmy from Motorhead.

The label destiny for Bastard is still uncertain but Love wants the music to end up on the Epitaphlabel, home of Rancid, Bouncing Souls and Pennywise. The line up sort of goes like this: Love (vocals, pseudo guitar), Veruca Salt guitarist Louise Post, former Hole drummer Patty Schemel, and Rockit Girl bassist Gina Crosley.

Babes in Toyland gal Cat Bjelland declined the offer, saying that Love had set too many "rules." Crosley might be the next to go, as rumors are floating around that Courtney wants someone with more of a "nameí to bang out the bass.

Source: All Star

Corey Parks Playing Bass For Bastard?