Good Souls

A recent NME headline screams "Introducing The Best New Band In Britain..."
before the name Starsailor. Obviously, the British music press is well known for
their hyperbole and Starsailor isn't the first band they've attached this tag to.
After hearing their debut single, "Fever" a few months back, I would never have suspected
this statement about the band. However, with the release of the second single, "Good
Souls" our UK friends just might be on to something here. The quartet from Chorley in
the northwest of England are named after a Tim Buckley album and the
singer/guitarist, James Walsh sounds like his son, Jeff Buckley and these
kids can write some songs. "Good Souls" has a prominent Verve-esque bass line
paired with the jangly guitar of Walsh and a distinctive keyboard sound the band
is becoming known for and it is all topped off by the warbling Buckley style
vocals. The tide may finally be turning back towards good old fashioned songwriting
ability and it's about time.


Good Souls