The Violent Femmes New MP3 Release

The Violent Femmes are releasing an MP3 entitled Something's Wrong, a collection of 22 songs including bizarre covers, outtakes and b-sides. Frontman Brian Ritchie explained, "I suppose in the old days, this stuff would have been available as bootlegs, b-sides and tracks on compilation albums. In other words, impossible to find and enormously expensive collectors items. Instead, Violent Femmes and EMusic have considerately gathered all of this music together and it can be yours with the mere tap of a computer keyboard. That's progress." Although it sounds like Ritchie has been possessed by some scary talking-head business-man, the basic message is still goodófree new music from the Femmes.

Something's Wrong features the following 22 tracks

1) Positively 4th Street (cover of Bob Dylan)

2) 12 Steps

3) All I Want (alternate version)

4) Yes Oh Yes

5) My Way (cover of Paul Anka)

6) Rules Of Success

7) Every Breath You Take (cover of The Police)

8) Raquel

9) Hollywood Is High (alternate version)

10) I Wanna See You Again (alternate version)

11) Reckless Stones

12) Requiem

13) Washtub Bender

14) Procession

15) Something's Wrong

Live B-Sides

16) 36-24-36

17) Out The Window

18) Werewolf

19) I Know It's True

20) Fat

21) Waiting (WAITING FOR A BUS)

22) German Song (HERBSTTAG)


The Violent Femmes New MP3 Release