Wednesday Express - Sigur Ros Wants YOU; Ex-Kula Shakes On

Need a ticket for tonight's ¸ber-sold out show from cooler-than-liquid nitrogen Icelandic shoegazers
Sigur Ros? A pair can be yours, if you happen to own any of the following keyboards: Yamaha
SK 20, SK 50, SK 70, or an SK 88. Seems our Icelandic friends, who are recent signings to MCA, have
been rocking a bit too hard, perhaps, and have killed their vintage keyboard and are looking to borrow
one for the last night of their brief, yet incendiary, US tour. So, if you own one of those, you may be
able to sort yourself out tickets to the biggest show in town...

Remember Kula Shaker? The Deep Purple meets The Charlatans UK organ
sound and baggy revivalism? The eastern mysticism? The lead singer who was the son of The Parent
's Hayley Mills? The aforementioned vocalist, Crispian Mills has returned to
the scene, with his debut solo album. The still nameless album includes such wondrous titles as "Follow
Your Heart," "Teenage Breakdown," "Healing Hands," and "Californian Blue." The album is out this
summer in the UK.

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Wednesday Express - Sigur Ros Wants YOU; Ex-Kula Shakes On