Cry For Help

Oh, Shed Seven. Once mentioned in the same breath as Oasis in the UK
press (1994), the Sheddies have continued on their path, only to be berated often
in that same press, yet still producing chart hits and sustaining a reasonable fan base.
After a line-up change, with longtime guitarist Paul Banks replaced by the
returning initial guitarist, who only lasted for a few months the first time around, Joe
Johnson, the boys have released the first single off their upcoming fourth studio
album, "Cry For Help." It is more of the midtempo Britpop semi-balladry that infested
much of their last work, Let It Ride, and not wholly dissimilar to the top 10 UK hit
"Going For Gold," which strangely appeared on a 1996 McDonald's US Olympic
campaign CD. Strummed acoustic guitars, keyboards and a jaunty percussion section
move this song along, punctuated by the string hook. A tasty tidbit and precursor to
Truth Be Told and hopefully just the tip of the iceberg as to the depth of the album.

Shed Seven

Cry For Help