Live - Placebo, Idlewild Light Up San Francisco Night

The British Invasion overwhelmed San Francisco on May 13 as touring partners Placebo and
Idlewild played a sold out show at Slim's. Idlewild hit the stage first, sending the night into orbit
with the incendiary "Listen To What You've Got." Unfortunately, the night was subsequently brought back
to Earth, as the mic failed during the intro to follow up track, "Little Discourage," causing the band to bring
the song to a complete halt, while sound people scurried about the stage. 3 minutes later, however, all was
forgotten as the song was restarted and the concert again reached the heights of the opening track.

The band
pounded out a number more songs from this year's brilliant 100 Broken Windows, including "These
Wooden Ideas," "Actually It's Darkness," and "Roseability," amongst others. Also sprinkled in were
numbers from their 1998 debut, such as "When I Argue, I See Shapes" and "A Film For The Future." The
Scottish quartet, expanded with an extra guitarist live, were amazingly tight, with the only drawback of the
evening being the muddied sound quality being regulated by the technicians. Evidently, members of
Placebo enjoyed it as well, as frontman Brian Molko could be seen in the crowd singing
along. His turn in the limelight was soon to come, however.

The goth-tastic guitar mongers came on to rapturous applause and immediately jumped into "Haemoglobin"
off the recently released Black Market Music. The band was cheered at every instant, with much
banter from the midget singer/guitarist, Molko repeatedly explaining that he was drunk and thanking
everyone for their patience, as well as tossing back retorts with hecklers. The band played a number of
tracks from their new album, running the gamut from uptempo guitar works like "Slave To The Wage" and
"Days Before You Came" to plaintive piano-oriented songs like "Peeping Tom," to the surprise offering of
the night, "Spite & Malice," in which the band brought out LA rapper Justin Warfield for his vocal
part. It is believed that is the first time this song has been reproduced live, as Warfield lives in LA.
The band played a long set, about 20 songs deep, also working in many songs from the amazing 1998 album
Without You I'm Nothing, including "Every Me Every You," "Summer's Gone" and "Scared Of
Girls", as well as the title track. The band finished their night, on their 4th encore song, predictably, with
their biggest US hit, "Pure Morning." Warfield again came on stage, this time to chant lines from
Queens Of The Stone Age's "Feel Good Hit Of The Summer" over the top of "Pure Morning"
(nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol..c.c.c.c.c.cocaine!). The crowd ate from their hands
the entire evening and Molko again thanked the crowd for putting up with his drunkenness before
scooting offstage. The satiated audience filtered out, having seen what will end up being one of the top 5
shows of 2001...

Live - Placebo, Idlewild Light Up San Francisco Night