Tuesday Express - Techno To Rock The Amazon; Durst Directs

The ever environmentally-conscious rave movement is rallying around the cause and
putting on a 4-day dance festival in the Amazon rainforest. The festival, Eco System
1.0, has the official backing of Greenpeace and is being organized by New York dance
promotion team Liquid Sky. Already lined up as headling acts for the event are such
luminaries as the obvious choice, Moby, as well as Afrika Bambaataa,
Armand Van Helden and Grooverider. Also confirmed for the August
2 - 5 bill are Lamb, Mixmaster Morris, Mad Professor and
A Guy Called Gerald amongst many others. The festival will put their money
where their mouth is as well, partly using solar power and biologic sewage treatment
systems at the event.

Just in case you were starting to miss him, rapcore bad boy Fred Durst is back
in the headlines with news of his next ventures. It seems young Fred> may be
tiring of being in front of the camera, so in a wacky turn of events, he will get behind
the camera as a director. In his directorial debut this fall, Durst will take the
lead over a film entitled Life Without Joe, a tale of small town life seen through
the eyes of high school football players. Now doesn't THAT sound engaging: a
movie about Limp Bizkit's target demo...

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Tuesday Express - Techno To Rock The Amazon; Durst Directs