All The Suits Began To Fall Off

Gainesville Florida's instrumental friends The Mercury Program have graced us with another solid piece of work. 5 new songs on a preview EP of sorts on Tiger Style, as the forthcoming album will be released on Boxcar records. Trained like samurai's with music knowledge, these four cats explore all of the boundaries and simplicites that music has to offer. There are no vocals and to some extent that is a good sign. The subtlety of the vibraphone, electric piano, and guitar medlies convey whatever feelings and emotions the English language could explain, maybe even better. This is definitely a "mood" music crew, and you should not expect to bounce off the walls or rave til dawn while listening. Andy Baker (Macha, Japancakes,
Mendoza Line) twisted the knobs for this gem, as he did with the Program's debut From The Vapor Of Gasoline, an album that buzzed through the college and independent music scene. Simply put the EP in and experience the sounds from this talented crew who represent...Florida stylee.

The Mercury Program
Tiger Style

All The Suits Began To Fall Off