Belinda Carlisle Does Playboy

God Bless The Go-Goís was released Tuesday May 15 on Beyond music, the first release from the Go-Goís since 1984. The 5 women have already played gigs on Late Night with Conan OíBrien and Good Morning America, and are scheduled to tour the US this summer. Lead singer Belinda Carlisle has decided to take the traditional album release promotion in the opposite direction as she is slated to pose in Playboy magazine for the August issue and we have our Lubaderm and Kleenex ready.

"It's sort of an homage to the sort of Vargas style, '50s pinup," the 42-year-old MILF told Good Morning America. "You don't have to be age 20 and size zero to beÖsexually viable or viable as a woman. And that's part of the point that I would like or we all like to prove, anyway."

Most men have been waiting for this moment since Carlisleís "Circle In The Sand" or "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" days when she was in her sexual "hotty hott hot" prime. Remember ñ this August you must get the PlayboyÖperiod!

"Unforgiven", the latest single from the ladies which features Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day is #25 this week in R&R Hot Adult Contemporary

Source: Wall Of Sound

Belinda Carlisle Does Playboy