Thursday Express - Grohl On Cobain; Outkast Become Fatboys

In an interview with Kerrang magazine, Foo Fighters' frontman Dave
Grohl has discussed, for the first time in a long time, his views on Nirvana and
Kurt Cobain in particular. Grohl said that it really troubled him to see
what Cobain had to go through, as he was someone "whom millions of tortured
kids related to, (so) it was difficult for him to live his own life." However, the
ex-Nirvana drummer stated that he, himself had the best job in the world, as he had
all the benefits of being in a huge rock band, without the negatives of the drawbacks of
intense fame, as no one ever recognized him. Grohl also dropped knowledge in
regards to the Foo Fighters' upcoming album, saying that they have working titles
for six new songs, "Full Mount'', 'Tears For Beers", "Spooky Tune", "Tom Petty",
"Knucklehead" and "Lonely Is You" and that the songs would be in a rockier vein this time
around, as compared to 1999's There Is Nothing Left To Lose.

Atlanta's finest hip-hop freak duo Outkast has enlisted the help of one of the
world's most popular DJs for remixing their next single. It seems that Fatboy
Slim will rework the multi-platinum pair's "So Fresh, So Clean." While the single
version will remain the same, the remix will end up as a b-side. Outkast will be
hitting the road soon, as well, as part of Moby's excellent Area: One tour, which
kicks off in their hometown on July 11 and runs through August 5, when it wraps up in the
Los Angeles suburb of Devore, near San Bernardino.

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Thursday Express - Grohl On Cobain; Outkast Become Fatboys