The New Jersey Smithereen Conspiracy Revealed

The Smithereens frontman Pat DiNizio claims that terror tactics were used to prevent him from reaching political office in New Jersey. He was running for New Jersey state senator under the completely weird Jesse Ventura-Pat Buchanan Reform Party, and was beat out in November 2000 by very very extremely rich Jon Corzine, who spent a small fortune to secure his seat as a Democrat. DiNizio explains, "I wound up intercepting emails to certain groups of people that were supporting my campaign, saying, 'Congressional members are in an uproar over his candidacy. If you support him, we'll never support you.'"

He continuesó"There was a lot of stuff going on. Towards the end of the campaign, veiled death-threat phone calls, people calling me up trying to sell me accidental-death insurance. My mom was followed, treasury agents turned up on campaign worker's doorsteps, so they must have
viewed me as some kind of threat." There still has been no investigation into whether or not Bon Jovi might have had anything to do with this conspiracy, but it would not surprise.

In other Smithereens news, the band (who must still be together) are doing several festival and club appearances this spring and summer; the next being May 26 in Cincinnati


The New Jersey Smithereen Conspiracy Revealed