H20 have released their first major label record called GO on MCA, home of Fenix TX and Blink 182, and you know what - this is their best record yet. The band's two Epitaph releases (Faster Than The World, Thicker Than Water) were explosive blitzes of punk energy that anyone could sing a long with and dance to, but lacked the song writing power that Todd Morse displays on this record. Memory Lane is the current single that oozes with a great chorus and hook that secured the tattooed crew a recent spot on Late Night With Conan O'Brien. Singer Toby Morse started as a road manager for Sick Of It All, four albums later H20 have finally recorded loud, roaring music that is fun to listen to with a melodic undertone. Not as fierce as the last Rancid album, and not as poppy or pretty as Sum 41. H20 continue to stand firm in the punk rock community, evovling and creating fantastic new material.