Live: Creeper Lagoon at Bowery Ballroom NYC

I'll break this up into two reviews, because it is so very warranted. First of all, I'll review the crowd at the Creeper Lagoon show last night. Now, I don't know what the deal was with all the people in the Bowery Ballroom, but I'm forced to suspect they accidentally wandered in from some Harry Potter book-reading at Barnes & Noble's where they had a decaf double vanilla chai mocha caramel latte with a little extra marshmellow fluff on top that made them very sleepy, because every single person there last night was L-A-M-E (except for my man, Danny WirtzÖword up, yo!). Seriously, people stood around and stared like they were Mr. Caveman Lawyer and they "can't understand your new world full of songs and guitars."
To sum up the crowd ñ caveman lawyer, extra marshmellow fluff, L-A-M-E.

Ok, on to the actual performance. The band was surprisingly upbeat, despite the aforementioned crappy crowd, in fact, frontman Ian Sefchick kept saying things like "you guys make us feel so great!" which is very sad if it's true, because this band is really fucking good and should be getting a lot more sweet lovin' than they' are at this point. The band was musically very tight, with the relatively new bassist addition Dan Carr rounding out the rest of the original lineup (Ian Sefchick, Sharky Laguna, and David Costner). Show highlights were definitely the more rocking "Hey Sister" and "Wrecking Ball" off of their new Dreamworks release, Take Back the Universe And Give Me Yesterday, and, of course, "Wonderful Love" and the encore "Dear Deadly" from 1997's critically acclaimed I Become Small And Go. Ironically, the encore of "Dear Deadly" actually seemed to reawaken the pulse of the audience for a fleeting beautiful second.
Unlike Creeper's show earlier this year at the Mercury Lounge, there was a real feeling of separate-ness from the band last night, just a bunch of people staring up at the entertainment, which is a shame, 'cause the band brought the goods. To sum up ñ performance great, with no help from the crowd.

The set list is as follows:

Dreaming Again

Hey Sister

Sun Fair

Wonderful Love

Wrecking Ball

Naked Days

Dead Man Saloon

Keep From Moving

Here We Are

Chance of a Lifetime

Empty Ships

Dear Deadly (encore)

Source: Ann Bowles

Live: Creeper Lagoon at Bowery Ballroom NYC