Thursday Express ñ The Breeders, Quasi Back In Studio

The Breeders, who house the one sister duo (Kelley and Kim Deal) who could drink and drug the Oasis and Black Crowes bros under the table (hell yeah, we're puttin' that challenge out there!), have finally gotten it together enough to get back in the studio and start recording on their follow-up to 1993's mucho popular, Last Splash. The band are currently holed up in Chicago with Steve Albini cooking up something no doubt delicious.

Also in new record news, the ex-husband and wife duo of Quasi have
finished work on their fourth album, entitled The Sword of God,, set for release on August 21st. Song titles include: "Fuck Hollywood," "Goblins and Trolls," "Little Lord Fontleroy," and "Rock and Roll Can Never Die." In addition, on the same
day as The Sword of God is released, Touch and Go will be reissuing Early Recordings, which consists of songs the band recorded between 1993 and 1995.

Source: Tripwire Information Society

Thursday Express ñ The Breeders, Quasi Back In Studio