Asleep At The Back

Why is it that so many bands from Manchester rule so hard? The Smiths, The
Stone Roses, Oasis, New Order, the list goes on and on. And you can
add another name to that list, Elbow. This five piece from Bury, the northern end
of Manchester, mixes bits of their hometown predecessors, incorporating the timeless
groove of The Stone Roses but taking it down a notch on the rock scale. Emotive
vocals from frontman Guy Garvey put Elbow in a category of their own,
mixing the aforementioned groove with acoustic guitar and piano arrangements to produce
a new, yet familiar sound. From the droney repetition of album starter "Any Day Now",
the drum loops driving the song further into your psyche to the lighters-aloft heartstring
tugger that is "Powder Blue", the album is pure class. The pinnacle is reached on
"Newborn", Garvey's vocal Peter Gabrielisms at their fullest effect, the
stripped down instrumentation and arrangement helping the emotion just seep from the
tweeters. A truly beautiful song from a truly auspicious debut album.


Asleep At The Back