Truth Be Told

Once the bastions of hope of the Britpop movement, Shed Seven subsequently fell
off the Critic's Darling wagon and became the opposite: their whipping boys. Endlessly
harassed in the UK press, the band continued releasing albums and having top 40 hits,
much to the press' chagrin. And now, the boys from York have released their fourth studio
album, Truth Be Told. Taking up much where 1998's Let It Ride left off, the
record consists primarily of mid-tempo post-britpop numbers. The Sheddies still
have some rock in them, however, and they crank the amps to 11 on album opener "If The
Music Don't Move Yer," which is evocative of "God Save The Queen" by the Sex
Pistols. Other tracks not to miss are the first single, "Cry For Help," the anthemic
"Eyes Before," and the meandering, driving closer "Step Inside Your Love." The album is a
grower and if you've ever been a fan of hooky UK guitar music, don't believe the (anti)
hype and get on the Shed Seven bandwagon.

Shed Seven

Truth Be Told