Courtney Love and Evan Dando Back Together

Old friends, Courtney Love and Evan Dando, reunited in Vancouver on Sunday, as she made a surprise guest appearance at a his gig in front of approximately 90 audience members. The crowd was treated to a Dando/Love duet, during the encore, of the Lemonheads hit "Into Your Arms" as well as an acoustic version (Courtney on guitar) of her hit "Doll Parts," followed, inevitably, by a flashing of Love's well-known breasts, in an apparent attempt to bribe the staff to let them remain on stage a little longer. It worked.

According to posts on Hole's official Web site,,
the longtime friends' finale was a hilarious improvised tune that could have been called "My Drug Buddy" (oh, waitÖ). The song included such refrains as "do you want to be fucked up like I was? ... Do you want to be strung out like me?" and lyrics about "being rich and famous and always 10 pounds thinner."

Source: Allstar News

Courtney Love and Evan Dando Back Together