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You'd think that if your brother is the frontman and icon of one of the biggest bands in the
world, people would pay more attention to YOUR band, just by default. Unfortunately, this
did not ring true for the vastly underrated Unbelievable Truth. Featuring Andy
Yorke, brother of Radiohead's Thom, on guitar and vocals, the trio
from Oxford, England released two full length albums, including one domestically on
Virgin and then ran out of steam, perhaps due to critical backlash due to familial relations.
The band has now posthumously released a 2CD package, featuring a disc of rarities and
unreleased tracks and another live disc, chronicling their last performance. For the
uninitiated, the Truth provide primarily stripped down semi-acoustic tracks, in the
vein of a UK Elliott Smith without the vitriol. Some of the family talent definitely
slipped into young Andy's veins and there are many excellent tracks on this
retrospective, from initial single offering "Building", available here in it's original, not
album, form to sweeping balladry like "Higher Than Reason" and "Finest Little Space."
The Unbeliveable Truth were a sadly overlooked band, but here's your chance to
check them out to avoid the mistakes of others.

Unbelievable Truth
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