Wednesday Express - Weezer Get Their Studio On; Durannies For TV Ads

Are Weezer the new Radiohead? Well, apart from delivering a
disappointing recent album, the two bands have been quite prolific of late, as well.
Obviously, everyone knows that Radiohead put out Kid A last year and
recorded the soon-to-hit-store-shelves Amnesiac at the same time. In their
Radioheadesque turn, Weezer, who just released their somewhat suspect
2nd eponymously named album just 2 weeks ago, have already gone back into the studio to
start laying down tracks for their 4th album. The band booked time in Washington, D.C.,
and recorded the initial versions of 12 tracks, including ones with tentative titles as
wonderful as "Burnt Jamb", "American Gigolo", and "Puerto Vayarta (sic)", amongst
others. Hopefully the wait between albums won't be the same as between the current album
and Pinkerton, although a recent report stated the band hopes to release an album a
year from here on out. Hmmmm.....

Taking a step that would have seemed logical anytime in the past 17 years, Simon Le
Bon and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran are going to do some
modeling. The tag team pretty boys will star in a Gap TV ad campaign due to kick off this
fall, following in the steps of fellow, albeit less widely known musician The Incredible
Moses Leroy whose track "Fuzzy" was featured on Player #19.

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Wednesday Express - Weezer Get Their Studio On; Durannies For TV Ads