Weezer Demo-ing Fresh Material

According to Weezer's official website, www.weezer.com, the band demoed a bunch of new songs during sessions in a Washington, DC studio last weekend. They were in the area promoting their newly released The Green Album. The website reports, " The new songs have been flowing pretty good since the Green Album was put to bed, and everyone is already excited about doing the next album. Rather than ignore the new stuff while touring, the guys have opted to prepare in advance, so that whenever they finally have the opportunity to make the next album, they will be fully ready to go.

The provisional song titles of the new demos are as follows:

"Burnt Jamb"

"Listen Up"

"American Gigolo"

"High Up Above"

"Keep Fishin'"

"Not In Love"


"I Can't Tell You"

"Happy Grunge"

"Take Control"

"Saturday Night"

"Puerto Vayarta"

Source: JamMusic.com

Weezer Demo-ing Fresh Material