New Order Getting Ready

The heretofore unnamed pending New Order album is nameless no longer. The
seminal Mancunian outfit has placed the title of NEWORDERGETREADY on their
first release after an eight year hiatus. The album is due to hit shelves in October on
Reprise Records and rumor has it that the first single will be "Crystal", the collaboration
with the Chemical Brothers. However, a widely publicized cooperative effort with
Primal Scream did not seem to make the cut, but may still see the light of day as a
single b-side.

As previously reported here on The, ex-Smashing Pumpkin Billy
Corgan will join the band when they tour the US as part of the Area: One
extravaganza. Also, Phil Cunningham, previously the guitarist for fellow
Manchester Smiths wannabe outfit, Marion, will tour with the band as

The track listing in its tentative state is as follows:

1. "Crystal"

2. "60 MPH"

3. "Turn My Way"

4. "Vicious Streak"

5. "Nothing's Gonna Change"

6. "Someone Like You"

7. "Run This River Dry"

8. "Player In the League"

9. "Primitive Notion"

10. "Slow Jam"

11. "Run Wild"

Source: Allstar

New Order Getting Ready