Bad Religion Come Back To Convert

Punk stalwarts, Bad Religion, have put a dozen or so songs in the can for, what will be, its 12th as-yet-untitled studio album, due out in October. The band has reunited with founding guitarist, Brett Gurewitz after a six-year separation, and consequently, have returned to Epitaph Records, the now-legendary label Gurewitz founded back in 1981 in order to release Bad Religion albums (1993's Recipe For Hate was the last album of theirs to be released by Epitaph).

In true Bad Religion form, Gurewitz laments that he can't guarantee the latest from the band will do much to change the current, horrible state of
Rock - "The current state of music is always horrible at any given time," he says. "Music is just a matter of taste. I can't do anything about the current state of music. The best thing you can do to change the world is to change yourself. So the best thing we can do to change the state of music is to make the best possible record we can make." And speaking of the new record, he says,
"There is definitely an effort to recapture the magic from our records like Against the Grain and those types of things where there is really exciting, simple, anthemic stuff, but we are more mature and sophisticated as songwriters than we were then, so that's gonna be reflected in it."

Source: Allstar News

Bad Religion Come Back To Convert