Prodigy Relive Experience

The band that almost single-handedly broke techno in the States is still hard(?) at
work trying to produce the follow up to that effort, but will try to keep the kids
interested in the meantime by releasing a 2CD set of remixes, reissues and
b-sides. Prodigy, while remaining diligent in recording their new album,
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, their first since 1997's
groundbreaking The Fat of the Land will re-release their debut,
Experience, in remastered form and with a second CD of remixes and
b-sides and call it Experience: Expanded.

Experience: Expanded will feature a number of remixes from
Experience, including "Wind It Up," "Everybody In The Place," their first
UK hit single, "Charly," and a track remixed by Underworld, "Out of
Space." The new 2CD set will hit shelves on June 19.

Source: MTV Online

Prodigy Relive Experience