Bjork's Vespertine In All Its Glory

The news is in and it is good. Icelandic pop queen Bjork has
announced details of her next album, entitled Vespertine. The album,
information of which has been leaked in bits and pieces over the past few
months, will be released at the end of August and will feature many guest
appearances. Bjork has brought aboard San Francisco electro-duo
Matmos, who record for Matador Records and opened for her on her
last European tour, Opiate, Matthew Herbert, as well as
longtime workmate Guy Sigsworth. The Matmos boys, who
collected samples for their own most recent album by recording surgical
techniques, are rumored to have recorded ice cracking and cards shuffling to
keep the beats sounding as fresh as possible on Vespertine.

Vespertine's tracklisting is as follows:

"Hidden Place"


"It's Not Up to You"


"Pagan Poetry"



"An Echo A Stain"

"Sun In My Mouth"


"Harm of Will"



Bjork's Vespertine In All Its Glory