David Gray Gets Re-Released In The US

David Gray, whose break through album White Ladder is slowly starting to settle down here in the states, will re-release his first two albums along with a compilation of his early recordings. Caroline records will resurface A Century Ends (1993), Flesh In The U.S. (1994) on July 10 on the North American soil, while the chaps in the U.K. will hear the releases one week earlier. A special record consisting of EPís from ë92-í94, along with the B-Sides from Grayís first three singles, one track from Flesh In The U.S, and one customized kitchen sink will be compiled for a single record release as well.

EP's '92-'94:

1. "Birds Without Wings"

2. "L's Song"

3. "The Light"

4. "Shine"

5. "Brick Walls"

6. "The Rice"

7. "Wisdom"

8. "Lovers"

9. "4 a.m."

10. "Coming Down"

Source: All Star

David Gray Gets Re-Released In The US