KROQ And Depeche Mode Delight The Masses

Depeche Mode played a rare intimate show on Monday night at the Roxy nightclub on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. The gig, sponsored by the world famous Los Angeles alt station, KROQ (which has had a long-standing relationship with the legendary band), packed in about 500 hardcore Depeche fans for the set. The hour-long concert consisted of a dozen songs included several selections from the newly released Exciter album, as well as many of the fan favs from the past 2 decades. For the detailed scoop, check out

The set-list is as follows:

1. "Walking in My Shoes"

3. "Clean"

3. "Halo"

5. "When the Body Speaks"

5. "Breathe"

7. "Dream On"

7. "Enjoy the Silence"

9. "I Feel You"

9. "In Your Room"

11. "I Feel Loved"

11. "Bottom Line"

12. "Personal Jesus"

Source: Allstar

KROQ And Depeche Mode Delight The Masses