No One Is Safe From THE MAN

KKMG-FM, a Pueblo, Colorado radio station, was saddled with a $7,000 fine last week for allowing "indecent language" over the airways. This indecent language was the edited version of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady," which saturated radio airwaves last summer, when it was a chart-topping single. The complaint that prompted the fine was actually filed in July of last year, when the song was at the height of its popularity. Apparently, even the edited version of the song is still considered indecent under FCC guidelines, which makes absolutely no sense at all whatsoever. How could bleeps and omissions be indecent and offensive?? Beware all, Big Brother is watching.

Meanwhile, the fine drew venom from members of the music industry. "The attacks from the mainstream on the hip-hop community's First Amendment right to have freedom of speech are wrong and unconstitutional," said Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons. "In this country's past, no matter how differing the points of view on various issues have been, we have worked hard to not place infringements on our democratic right to express.
The U.S. government has never crossed that line. The hip-hop community, no all of America, should be outraged at this blatant act of censorship on our brother Eminem."


No One Is Safe From THE MAN