Robert Pollard Readies Soft Rock Renegades

This dude just does not quit. The frightening breadth of songs in Robert Pollardís catalog is, well, frightening. On the heels of his band Guided By Voicesí newest release and tour, heís set to release yet another album (and the 4th Pollard-related release of 2001) entitled Choreographed Man of War (the twelfth release in Pollard's long-running Fading Captain Series, and the first release from Robert Pollard and His Soft Rock RenegadesÖgot that?). The Soft Rock Renegades also features former Guided by Voices members Greg Demos and Jim MacPherson. The new album will be released on July 10th.

The tracklist for the album is as follows:

ìI Drove a Tankî

ìShe Saw the Shadowî

ìEdison's Memoî

ì7th Level Shutdownî

ì40 Yards to the Burning Bushî


ìCitizen Fighterî

ìKickboxer Lightningî

ìBally Hooî

ìInstrument Beetleî


Robert Pollard Readies Soft Rock Renegades