Trouble in Shangri-LA

She looks great and sounds better than ever. Stevie Nicks has not lost a beat, or her look.
This delicious long awaited follow up to "Street Angel" is as mystical and intriguing as Stevie's early solo work. The single "Everyday" is upbeat and powerful - listen on and Stevie takes us back to those Gypsy-esque places through "Bombay Saffires"and "Sorcerer" and of course knows how to rock still; check "Fall From Grace." Sheryl Crow, Macy Gray and Sarah McLachlan all make appearances to offer their support to this rock icon. The album art is stunning with it's combination of flowers, water and Asian style. Stevie never lets us down!!!

Stevie Nicks
Warner Bros.

Trouble in Shangri-LA