Since I Left You

Good thing it's summertime, because this is one hell of a summer song. It's The
Avalanche's "Since I Left You" and it's terrific. It's a sun-kissed Caribbean beach with
the requisite breezes, a picnic in the park with your sweetheart. It's 47 songs smashed into
one and it's all good. This Melbourne, Australia collective is all about samples and being
undefinable. They are Daft Punk, Kid Creole, late '60s psychedelia and
so much more, wrapped in shiny new 2001 packaging. Their songs are giant cut and paste
amalgamations, mixing in bits and pieces of songs you vaguely recognize but can't place
into one giant melange that is more than the sum of its parts and undeniably fresh
sounding. With tracks like this and the backing of XL worldwide, the summer of life that
is The Avalanches has never looked brighter.

The Avalanches
XL Recordings

Since I Left You