TSOL crashed through the scene back in 1979 in Orange County CA, the second (if not largest) known hang out for white supremacist skinheads. They opened for the likes of The Damned, and the Dead Kennedys before releasing their debut Dance With Me in 1981. Alive and well in 2001 (and still very rebellious and naughty) TSOL implement snotty social sarcasm right off the bat of their latest offering, Disapper, a ferocious flashback to the time when punk rock was ramped energy and repressed angst, rather than poster boy pin up material. The album begins with a nerdy "suit" reciting a motivational speech to himself before TSOL rip into a scathing "anti man" frenzy called Sodomy. Anarchy, social politics, and songs about being wasted are the through lines that carry this record from the parking lot (drinking) right inside the pit (stopping only to drink some more).