500MHz PowerPC G3

The first thing youíll notice is that the iBook weighs just 4.9 pounds ó
almost 2 pounds lighter than before. Youíll also note that this iBook is
appreciably smaller: just 11.2 inches wide, 9.1 inches deep and 1.35
inches thick. The perfect size and shape to fit in your backpack or
briefcase. Fact is, the new iBook is designed to fit your life.
Fortunately, itís priced so you can still afford to have one. Starting at

With iMovie, iTunes and iTools, the new
iBook is designed to work and play with
your digital tools and toys. Fact is, the
iBook adds fun-filled new dimensions to
your MP3 player, music CD collection,
digital camera, DV camcorder and
personal digital assistant. Your iBook is
right there at the center of it.


500MHz PowerPC G3