The Butchies third release, entitled 3(for some crazy reason we have yet to decipher), is a fully developed, rocking queercore record, musically reminiscent of Sleater-Kinney, who themselves are reminiscent of classic forebearers, Team Dresch - which makes a perfect little riot grrrl circle, being that The Butchies founder and frontwoman, Kaia Wilson, was in said Team. The longwinded point here basically being The Butchies good (fire bad). The Durham, NC-based trio (rounded out by bassist Melissa York and drummer Alison Martlew) don't just rock the three heavy punk chords over and over, they've been around and have the chops to mix it up and create the necessary melancholy for tracks like The Wedding Disaster and Junior High Lament. Right now, this is the band for all you young girls to be plugging into and everyone else too, for that matter.

The Butchies
Mr. Lady